Kenzo as A Sire

Kenzo is available for official breeding (FCI standard).

Kenzo and i have seen a couple of International shows and got Excellent reports from International Judges (see shows). Since he absolutely hates to go to shows, despite getting excellent results, we only occasionally bring him out on a show. His temperature is outstanding, next to that he is a beautiful dog and his health is outstanding. He is very easy going due to excessive socialisation. People keep asking about the gentle temperament of the breed. Many people are surprised that Kenzo is so easy-going, but because Kenzo travelled with me from the age of 3 months old; he’s very layed-back everywhere we go. He is used to be on the road and socialize with both human and animal, he just loves the attention. His energy boosts are concentrated in the forest – off-leash- or with his friends. He is a couch-potato at home between walks, but playing and snuggling in the evening is mandatory. This breed needs extensive socialization, beginning at an very early age!!

He has inherited both the balanced characters of his parents aswel as their beauty. His X-ray health-tests came back clear;

  • HD-A (Hip Dysplasia-free) , which means: both legs show no signs of Hip Dysplasia. (Hips excellent)
  • ED free (Elbow Displasia free): Left and right leg free from: OCD, LPC, LPA, Inc and Arthrosis. 

Though every dog could be carrier. A Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large breed. If over-exercised (climbing stairs, running/jogging, bike-rides, etc.) before their bodies/bones are fully grown (around 2 years of age) you risk permanent damage to her/his developing body.  That does not mean you can’t throw a ball with your pup, but please ask the breeder for a guideline for puppy-exercise or consult a vet.

The combination of health, temperament and beauty made me think about offering him as a sire, for i hope his sons and daughters will inherit the best features of both parents, in Kenzo’s case, the features that he possesses which brings me, as his owner, and everyone around me such happiness, laughter and makes him such a exquisite family-dog.

I must warn you; choosing a Rhodesian Ridgeback, together with a consistent yet loving hand, will make you addicted to the breed!! They are such clowns.


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