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Kenzo Van Hoeve De Hoef

Welcome to the website of Kenzo! If you are visiting on our mobile site please switch to full website for more pictures.

(Kenzo in the garden behind the fenced door)

Kenzo is a laid back Rhodesian. Very easy going boy inside, a real couch potato. Outside he’s more alive and loves the sun but despises rain.

We are completely in love with him since he was a 8 week old puppy and we hope he’ll live to be 30 years old.

He has inherited both the balanced characters of his parents aswel as their beauty. His X-ray health-tests came back clear;

  • HD-A (Hip Dysplasia-free) , which means: both legs show no signs of Hip Dysplasia. (Hips excellent)
  • ED free (Elbow Displasia free): Left and right leg free from: OCD, LPC, LPA, Inc and Arthrosis. 
  • JME N/N free
  • DM N/N free

The combination of health, temperament and beauty made me attend international shows and offer him as a sire through the rhodesian ridgeback club nederland. I hope his sons and daughters will inherit the best features of both parents, in Kenzo’s case, the features that he possesses which brings me, as his owner, and everyone around me such happiness, laughter and makes him such a exquisite family-dog.

I must warn you; choosing a Rhodesian Ridgeback, together with a consistent yet loving hand, will make you addicted to the breed!! They are such clowns.