Character Kenzo

Kenzo – balanced, strong, friendly, loving dog.

C7A10D6F-1FD3-42E9-9C3F-CC12E9C2D536Kenzo is a total cuddler. Puppies are sacred and he treats every puppy like a mother would do; cleaning them after they’ve done their business, teaching them how to play properly, teaching them how to share, to respect elder dogs, how to approach other dogs etc. Dog owners with puppies try to get him to walk with them every day by pushing me into play dates 🙂 The same can be said for children, he just loooooves children.

He’s a very playful dog, he has more play dates then an 4 year old child, he is very friendly to humans. Rhodesians are one-person-dogs, they will listen to every other member of the family but pick one person as their “mate”. He loves to cuddle and play with both human and animal. He’s got huge respect for small dogs, they can nip, bite, scream; he’ll just walk away and come back to invite them to walk with him or play. He’ll keep up with this until they are no longer scared. He’s helped  small dogs overcome fear of large breeds.

He’s the dog that will whine for you to come over and cuddle on his pillow in the evening and when you do not give him enough attention, he’ll come and get some. You’ll laugh more then you ever did in your life when your Ridgeback is raised right. They are complete clowns!

He’s also a very good guard dog and smells trouble 100 miles away. He protects his property and his family by all means.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are dogs that belong with an owner who has experience with dogs or is very very consistent, who has plenty of time walking them (2,5 hours a day is what I spend walking him, mostly off leash), raising them and you need persistence, consistency and determination next to lots of love.  I’ve once read the following line about the Ridgeback: “It takes one to know one”. They have a very strong will. You do need a strong head and you need to have loads of patience. This is not a breed that you can raise with a strong hand. You need to put your mind into it and lots of love as well. Raising a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy is like raising a stubborn child who has dirt clogging it’s ears!

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

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